Andy's First Few Weeks at Sykes-Pickavant!

Andy's First Few Weeks at Sykes-Pickavant!

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Over the last few weeks, the new member of our sales team, Andy, has been across the country to complete his training! We have delved into his adventures to see how he has got on over the last couple of weeks. 

What have you most enjoyed about your job so far? 

For me, one of the best parts so far has been meeting the team and the customers. It is an amazing feeling being able to speak to the customers and provide them a safe solution to many of the issues they have day-to-day. I have had a fantastic time travelling to Cornwall and Portsmouth to spend time with Simon and Jason, to gain professional insight into the many different elements of this job.  

Everyday has been different from the people, to the tools, to the general learning to ensure I can provide the best service when visiting our customers moving forward. 

Have you got any favourite products so far? 

I have a few different products which have really sparked my interest over the last couple of weeks, including:

The Vibro Impact Glowplug Remover (085900V2) as it saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to removing glow plugs, especially those that have seized. It’s definitely a tool that everyone should have for this job. 

I also quite like the Wireless Electronic Stethoscope Kit (30047500) as it offers a wireless solution to detect noise on all types of vehicles.

The final product which has peaked my interest would be the Ford EcoBlue Injector Removal Set (GO434) as it is an essential piece of kit to complete this job, safely. 

Has there been any memorable moments over the last few weeks? 

I have honestly not laughed so much while working. While being a huge learning curve, these last few weeks have really eased me into my new job role. It’s really hard to pinpoint anything specific, but my training experience as a whole is going to be something I remember for a long time going forward. 

Each day brings something fun, exciting, and new and I look really forward to what the future hold with the Sykes-Pickavant Team. 

Andy covers workouts across Central England. To book a workout, contact him directly on: 07801 187 888 or via email:


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