Steering & Suspension

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  • Suspension Wear Indicator

    08085000 - Suspension Wear Indicator

    An innovative tool for detecting suspension and axle joint wear For detecting faults in suspension joints / struts, wheel bearings, stabilizers, bushes & ball-joints, steering gear & links

  • Universal Suspension Arm Lever

    08080000 - Universal Suspension Arm Lever

    For lowering of the suspension arm and the separation of suspension components Reduces the effort required, due to the unique design which uses leverage and the technicians own bodyweight to create the force required Adjustable, multi-position swing point allows for variable applications both LH & RH Spare Parts: 08080170 - Location Pin 08080270 - Replacement Hook

  •  Macpherson Strut Support for use with Transmission Jack

    GO316 Macpherson Strut Support for use with Transmission Jack

    Can be used to support the shock absorber when the suspension arm is removed. The shock absorber support is used together with a standard transmission jack. It is used to prevent the shock absorber from sinking when removed from the handlebar arm.  Includes:  Macpherson Strut Support Safety brack 80mm  Reduction for strut support 60mm Ø25mm adapter  Ø30mm adapter   Capacity: 120KG

  • Steering and Suspension- Tie Rod Wrench

    08683000 Tie Rod Wrench

     Inner tie rod multi grip plier for adjusting tie rods on vehicles with rack and pinion steering  Works on most spline, hex and flat design tie rods  Spring-loaded upperpivots to tie rods from 14mm to 23mm  Two lever lengths for maximum power and reach Technical data: Grip width: 40 mm Grip diameter: 14 - 23 mm Lever length: 260 - 390 mm

  • Universal Protective Clamp for Strut Insert Pistons

    084876v2 Universal Protective Clamp for Strut Insert Pistons

    UPDATED KIT NOW INCLUDES 70MM PINS FOR INCREASED APPLICATIONS Fixes the piston rod in position when replacing coil springs Prevents the piston rod from being drawn back into the strut

  • Mercedes Rear Axle Alignment Wrench

    08084000 - Mercedes Rear Axle Alignment Wrench

    Alignment wrench for Mercedes rear axle alignment Universal fit for most ­Mercedes Adjust rear axle toe without ­removing plastic under body ­cover Avoids damaging plastic ­fasteners Money and time saver  Applications; Model Series Class Vehicle Type* Year 203 C-Class W / C / S 2000- 2008 204 C-Class W / C / S 2007 - 2015 205 C-Class W / C / S / A 2014 -  212 E-Class W / S 2009 - 2016 213 E-Class W / S 2016 -  207 E-Coupe/Cabrio C / A 2009 - 2016 238 E-Coupe/Cabrio C / A 2016 -  204 GLK X 2008 - 2015 205 GLC X 2015 -  231 SL R 2012 -  171 SLK R 2004 - 2011 172 SLC R 2011 - 218 CLS C 2011 - 2017 257 CLS C 2018 -  *W=Limousine / S=Kombi/Station Wagon / C=Coupe / A = Cabrio / R=Roadster / X=SUV 

Steering & Suspension


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