Cooling System Testing Spares

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  • 33150100 Hand Pump (less hose)

    33150100 Hand Pump (less hose)

    Replacement hand pump (less hose) c/w pressure gauge For hose & quick connector see ref 33150300 

  • 33150300 hose assembly

    33150300 hose assembly

    Hose Assembly - part of the ˜315 Series Cooling System Test Master Kit (33159500) and optional extra Includes quick-release connector and bleed valve Length: 600mm

  • 33140300 Quick-Connect Hose Assembly

    33140300 Quick-Connect Hose Assembly

    For use with HGV Cooling System Pressure Test Kit (331400V2)

  • 33140500 - Pump Connector

    33140500 - Pump Connector

    Connector for 314 Series Pump & Gauge (33140100)

  • 33150400 - Seal Kit

    33150400 - Seal Kit

    Seal kit for pump & gauge 33150100

  • 33153500 - Cap Adaptor 9 - Audi

    33153500 - Cap Adaptor 9 - Audi

    Cap 9 - Audi   A1 (8X1, 8XK, 8XF)                       10-18A1 Sportback (8XA, 8XF, 8XK)     11-18A2 (8Z0)                                          00-05A3 (8L1)                                          96-06A3 (8P1)                                         03-12A3 (8V1,8VK)                                  12-A3 Convertible (8P7)                       08-13A3 Convertible (8V7,8VE)              13-A3 Limousine (8VS,8VM)               13-A3 Sportback (8PA)                        04-15A3 Sportback (8VA,8VF)                12-A4 (8D2, B5)                                  94-01A4 (8E2, B6)                                  00-05A4 (8EC, B7)                                  04-08A4 (8K2, B8)                                  07-15A4 Allroad (8KH, B8)                      09-16A4 Avant (8D5, B5)                        94-01A4 Avant (8E5, B6)                        01-04A4 Avant (8ED, B7)                       04-08A4 Avant (8K5, B8)                        07-15A4 Convertible (8H7, B6, 8HE, B7)          02-09A5 (8T3)                                          07-17A5 Convertible (8F7)                      09-17A5 Sportback (8TA)                       09-17           A6 (4B2, C5)                                  97-05A6 (4F2, C6)                                  04-11A6 (4G2, C7, 4GC)                        10-18A6 Allroad (4FH, C6)                       06-11A6 Allroad (4GH, 4GJ)                   12-18A6 Avant (4A5, C4)                        94-97A6 Avant (4B5, C5)                        97-05A6 Avant (4F5, C6)                        05-11A6 Avant (4G5, C7, 4GD)              11-18A7 Sportback (4GA, 4GF)             10-18A8 (4D2, 4D8)                                94-02A8 (4E_)                                         02-10A8 (4H_)                                         09-18ALLROAD (4BH, C5)                     00-05Q2(GAB)                                        16-Q3 (8U)                                          11-Q3 (F3)                                          18-Q5 (8R)                                          08-Q7 (4L)                                           06-15TT (8J3)                                         06-14TT (8N3)                                        98-06TT (FV3)                                         14-TT Roadster (8J9)                        07-14TT Roadster (8N9)                       99-06TT Roadster (FV9)                        14-

  • 33150500 Cooling Pressure Test Kit

    33150500 Cooling Pressure Test Kit

    Pressure test kit with 2 common adaptors for most common vehicles. Fits directly via an in-line connection to the expansion tank, which allows you to pressurize the system as if you were using a cap. Connects directly to 331595V3 Cooling kit pump (33150100)

  • 33142500 314 - 315 Adaptor

    33142500 314 - 315 Adaptor

    Allows 314 series pump to be used with 315 series caps

  • 03193000 - Airline Adaptor & Pressure Gauge Assembly

    03193000 - Airline Adaptor & Pressure Gauge Assembly

    To be used on larger cooling systems i.e. HGV to speed up the pressurisation process using a tyre inflater 30psi / 2bar gauge Includes blow off valve to prevent over-pressurisation

  • 33140100 Pump & Gauge Assembly

    33140100 Pump & Gauge Assembly

    Suitable for use with HGV Cooling System Pressure Test Kit (331400V2)

  • 03192500 Cooling System Thermometer

    03192500 Cooling System Thermometer

    Dual calibrated thermometer (°C and °F) Ranges from: -7°C to 120°C and 20°F to 248°F

  • 03201800 Pipette for refractometer

    03201800 Pipette for refractometer

    Spare pipette for refractometer for 03201000 refractometer

  • 03201700 Lens cover for refractometer

    03201700 Lens cover for refractometer

    Spare lens cover  For 03201000 Refractometer

  • 03192870 Locking Nut

    03192870 Locking Nut

    Locking Nut for 319 Series Expansion Plug Systems

  • 03192170 Blanking Nut

    03192170 Blanking Nut

    Blanking Nut for 319 Series Expansion Plug Systems

  • 03186870 318 - 315 Adaptor

    03186870 318 - 315 Adaptor

    Adaptor Allows use of older 318 series hand pump with 315 Series cooling kits

  • 03176870 Convertor for cooling caps / pumps

    03176870 Convertor for cooling caps / pumps

    Convertor allows use of 318 series caps with 315 series pump 


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