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  • 08581000 diesel injector seal extractor

    08581000 diesel injector seal extractor

    Diesel Injector Seal Extractor Designed specially to remove the copper injector base seal when it has become stuck in the cylinder head Traditionally done using a ˜pick “ this tool allows safe and easy removal without risk of damage to the head Simple to use “ utilises SPs well known "split collet" technology to grip the seal and allow it to be pulled out from the head Simple adjustment “ expands from 6.5mm to 8.0mm No need to use picks, hooks etc when trying to retrieve stuck seals & washers

  • GO455 Injector Removal Fork

    GO455 Injector Removal Fork

    Injector Removal Fork for GO434Ford 2.0 ecoblue TDCI from 2016 (Ford Galaxy, S-max,Mondeo,Focus C-Max, Transit and Custom (from 2018), etc(Please note - not suitable for use on seized injectors)Technical data Fork width: 19mm Connection thread: M18x1.5 Height: 98 mm

  • 01745000 Universal Injector Seat Cleaner Set

    01745000 Universal Injector Seat Cleaner Set

    Designed to clean the injector holes after extraction work Kit includes: - 20mm & 25mm metal brushes for injector hole cleaning - 2 x front brushes for injector seat cleaning - 1 x front brush extension - 1 x seal plug to close the injector hole while cleaning - 1 x seal plug holder to place and remove the plug - 1 x sanding kit

  • 01750000 Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Set

    01750000 Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Set

    Set of 5 Diesel Injector Seat Cleaners, comes with centering pilot and T-Handle Clean injector seats when changing or reconditioning diesel injectors Helps to avoid blow-back due to poorly seated injectors   Includes: 15mm flat cleaner - Universal applications 17mm flat cleaner - BMW / PS / Renault 19mm angled cleaner - Fiat / Iveco 19mm flat cleaner - Mercedes CR 21mm angled cleaner - Fiat / Iveco

  • GO563 Injector Extractor- Bosch M18 x 1.5

    GO563 Injector Extractor- Bosch M18 x 1.5

     Complete tool for the removal of Bosch magnetic injectors. The half-shells of the tool head are positioned directly under the screw ring of the injector electrical connection. The locking sleeve with window provides a non-slip grip. Removal is carried out without partial disassembly and this ensures that the injector can be reused. Application: Universal for diesel engines of many manufacturers Technical data: Connection internal thread M18x1.5

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