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  • SPEEDLINE705 - Screw Extractor Set (5pc)

    SPEEDLINE705 - Screw Extractor Set (5pc)

    Screw Extractor Set 5 pieces Spiral LH screw extractors (easy-outs) 3-19mm capacity

  • SPEEDLINE1001 - Pump Sprayer

    SPEEDLINE1001 - Pump Sprayer

    1 litre industrial pump sprayer Suitable for various chemicals e.g. detergents, solvents, brake cleaner and general cleaning agents* Polythene body with pressure relief valve Includes adjustable brass spray head nozzle and viton seals *Important: Before use, please check the compatibility of the product you wish to spray

  • SPEEDLINE5001 - Lithium Powered Cordless Soldering Iron

    SPEEDLINE5001 - Lithium Powered Cordless Soldering Iron

    Warm up time: 35min Runtime: 35 min Lithium Battery = 500-700 charge cycles Can also be used whilst connected to mains 30W: high power for a small device and no current risk Does not require gas - no danger of flame and cost saving Cordless operation for ease of use Precision tip for fine solders (connectors, etc.) Universal tip for soldering cables (e.g: cabling a trailer hitch) Tip for heat-shrink sheaths: Does not come into contact with the sheath so no risk of melting Heats up in 10 - 15 seconds Housing remains at safe working temperature  Equipment: 30W Soldering Iron Ergonomic and solid case, sliding œstart “ stop button + push button to activate heating LED light 2200 mAh 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery supply  Accessories Included:  3 x ¼-turn tips: Universal tip, fine-pointed tip and tip for heat-shrink sheath Micro-USB charging cable Iron rest Ø 1.0mm wire Cleaning sponge Thermal protective cap and circuit breaker

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