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  • GO1317 Torx Slogging Brake Caliper Wrench- M27

    GO1317 Torx Slogging Brake Caliper Wrench- M27

    They allow for the assembly/disassembly of the brake caliper fixing screws when working on the braking system. Used mainly on the front and rear axles of heavy vehicles. Even the most stubborn screws are released with the blow of a hammer on the end of the wrench. All wrenches are equipped with a ¾" square drive that also allows clamping, in combination with a torque wrench, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Warning: pay attention to the torque conversion formula marked on the wrench by means of a laser (necessary because of the lever's extension due to the type of construction). It is no longer necessary to remove the lever of the steering control tie rod.  Application: MB Atego, Actros/Kässbohrer Bus  Technical data: Length: 220mm 6-side profile

  • GO439 Double Cone Bearing Removal Kit

    GO439 Double Cone Bearing Removal Kit

    For the quick removal of wheel hubs and bolted wheel bearings. Simple and efficient method to remove front wheel hubs quickly and without too much effort in terms of assembly. The new slide hammer version is filled with steel shot. This prevents the weight from bouncing back against the stop. The impact intensity is thus increased because the full impact force is transmitted to the component to be removed. Slide hammer technical data: Weight: 3Kg Total length: 580mm Connection - Thread: M18x1.5   Applications: Injectors Hubs Support joints Bodywork works

  • GO382 Ball Joint- Puller "Vibro Impact" - 39mm

    GO382 Ball Joint- Puller "Vibro Impact" - 39mm

    Tool for removing ball joints.Universal tool for removing tie rod head as well as supporting joints.The trapezoidal thread spindle is hardened and tempered as well as provided with a ball-bearing pressure piece.Impact wrenches can be used with the ball joint puller to complete the task more quickly. The most resistant conical seat connections can be released without any effort. Application:  Mercedes trucks e.g. DB 1424 and DB Actros 2.

  • GO066 Universal Hub Puller & Drive Shaft Kit

    GO066 Universal Hub Puller & Drive Shaft Kit

    Preserve components i.e. wheel bearings, silent blocks and ball joints by using this kit for assembly and disassembly procedures.  Optimized hole pitch for maximum coverage of models within the market (suitable for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-hole bolt pitch on hubs mounted on passenger cars). Includes the new dimension M14x1.25 of pull rod/extension for BMW.  Applications Include: Extraction of the CV joint with spindle Disconnection of the CV joint with 1,5 Kg slide hammer (GO406 - 1,5Kg slide hammer not supplied)  Extraction of the wheel hubs with a 9 Kg slide hammer (GO520 - 9Kg slide hammer not supplied)  Assembly of the CV joints with a spindle Extraction with impact spindle

  • GO1318 Twin Wheel Separator Set for Heavy Vehicles

    GO1318 Twin Wheel Separator Set for Heavy Vehicles

    Allows the separation and disassembly of twin wheels in heavy vehicles.This set offers a simple and effective solution to help you in the disassembly stages. The two rims come apart using the supports and the spindle (fixed impact screwdriver).Usually it is also possible to loosen the rear rim by placing it on the brake drum.Also ideal as a tool to take on board or for roadside assistance.This set also includes two wheel-centering pins that protect the wheel's bolts, facilitate wheel assembly and keep the brake's drum in place, in case the drum brakes.

  • GO366 Stub Axle Lifter

    GO366 Stub Axle Lifter

    Universal for Cars & LCVs Allows the suspension axle to be raised and lowered to the required position using a hydraulic jack The universal wheel hub holder is V-shaped and therefore can be fixed on the bolts of all hubs, designed to be coupled with the bolts that secure the wheels The kit includes the adaptors for hydraulic pit jacks piston rod Ø 25 and 30mm   Specifications: 330 kg - Max Load M16 - Max Thread Total length: 225 mm Assembly: Ø40mm Tilt angle: ± 46 ° (forwards & backwards)   Applications: Disassembly and assembly of the upright and the support joint or trapezoid of the suspension cross arm Load bearing test according to manufacturer specifications to highlight noise

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