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  • 30047500 wireless electronic stethoscope kit - "ChassisEAR"

    30047500 wireless electronic stethoscope kit - "ChassisEAR"

    Wireless Electronic Stethoscope Kit -ChassisEAR The Wireless Electronic Stethoscope is designed for the detection of vehicle noises e.g. rattles, squeaks and air ingress under load, during a road test and for the diagnosis of a wide variety of potential faults e.g. wheel bearings, CV joints, differentials, transmission, injectors, alternators, water pumps, AC compressors and many more. Can be used on cars, vans, trucks, buses etc as there are no cable length issues to overcome Consists of Receiver Unit, 4 x Transmitter Units (4 channels), 4 pick-up leads, pick-up fixing straps, headphones, batteries, instruction manual & storage case. Pick-up clamps can be attached to many different parts of the vehicle in order to amplify the sounds made under load and in actual driving conditions. N.B. Due care and consideration should be taken of driving conditions and regulations when operating the Chassisear on the road. Spare Parts: 30047501 Transmitter 1 30047502 Transmitter 2 30047503 Transmitter 3 30047504 Transmitter 4 30047506 Pick-Up Lead and Clamps (Set of 4)

  • 32370000 sonoscope

    32370000 sonoscope

    Sonoscope Super sensitive sound detector, with a built-in diaphragm which amplifies noise, for assisting in the diagnostic process Robust metal and plastic construction, with 550mm hose and 290mm probe Helps to diagnose many vehicle problems, including:- Noisy water pumps- Faulty wheel bearings- Alternator and power steering problems- Air conditioning compressor bearings- Camshaft and crankshaft knocks- Noisy tappets etc

  • GO2100PRO Multifunctional Tool for Testing Sensor & Actuators of Modern Engine- 24V

    GO2100PRO Multifunctional Tool for Testing Sensor & Actuators of Modern Engine- 24V

    Digital electronic tester for functional checks on car sensors and electromechanical components. Where self-diagnosis stops, it is essential to trace the root of the problem that generated the error code, thanks to SPECTRUM: the analysis of continuous and impulsive signals (pwm) is much simpler than the traditional oscilloscope and the piloting of the electromechanical components allows the operator to immediately check their functionality.

  • GO2115 Docking Station Spectrum

    GO2115 Docking Station Spectrum

    Docking station for GO2100PRO

  • GO2114 Diagnostic Can Test

    GO2114 Diagnostic Can Test

    Diagnostic wiring, with the function of analyzing the vehicle's CAN network through the self-diagnosis connector with display of the values and outcome of the test. For use with GO2100PRO

  • GO2113 OHM Meter Wiring

    GO2113 OHM Meter Wiring

    Acquisition wiring, with resistance detection function for use with GO2100PRO

  • GO2112 Glow Plus Test Wiring

    GO2112 Glow Plus Test Wiring

    Emulation wiring, with the glow plug test function with the measurement of the current absorption of the same and display of the tests.

  • GO2111 Piezo Activator

    GO2111 Piezo Activator

    Module with the function of activating the piezoelectric injectors, connecting to SPECTRUM, then it is recognized and is ready for activation.

  • GO2110 PWM Signal

    GO2110 PWM Signal

    Emulation wiring, with the function of generating PWM waveforms with negative ground, for the emulation of sensors with digital output or the control of electronic low power actuators.

  • GO2109 PWM Power Plus (5 Pin)

    GO2109 PWM Power Plus (5 Pin)

    Emulation / acquisition wiring, with the function of PWM power generator such as PWM POWER with an integrated 5V voltage generator; mass generator and feedback control. It is used for the activation of the components controlled in feedback through potentiometers.

  • 30044000 dual laser infra-red thermometer

    30044000 dual laser infra-red thermometer

    High precision non-contact thermometer Dual Laser beams are targetted on a single spot “ ensures optimum distance from object for accurate temperature measurement Temperature range: -50° to 550°C Accuracy: +/- 1.5% at 550°CFeatures:- Backlit LCD display- MAX temperature display- Automatic data hold & display resolution- High and Low temp alarm setting Ideal for Aircon, Cylinder temp, Brake temp, Cooling System, Exhaust Cat etc

General Diagnostic Testing Tools


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