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  • 081100SP - Dual Mass Flywheel Special Tool

    081100SP - Dual Mass Flywheel Special Tool

    Dual Mass Flywheel “ Special Tool Developed in conjunction with LUK, to allow accurate testing of the Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF) unit, whilst it is still mounted on the vehicle, with the gear box removed DMF units are designed to dampen out unwanted engine vibration, particularly important on modern high speed diesel engines By dampening unwanted vibration, engine and transmission components can be made lighter, in order to maximise the higher power outputs available from the modern diesel engine DMF units are designed to last the life of 2 clutch units, assuming correct vehicle usage and normal load conditions Includes all the components required to test the DMF including the LUK specific DMF data, instructional CD and Data Wheel which are vital to the correct operation of the kit The Data Wheel, provides the specific data, per application, to allow the technician to correctly evaluate the DMF Spare Parts: 081100-01 - Slotted Bar 081100-02 - Ring Gear Locking Dogs 081100-03 - Ring Gear Locking Dogs Spacers 081100-04 - Adaptors & Nuts Set 081100-05 - Degree Gauge 081100-06 - Degree Gauge Locking Bar 081100-07 - DTI Gauge & Stand  

  • 08550300 - GM Gearbox Bearing / Race Remover

    08550300 - GM Gearbox Bearing / Race Remover

    For the removal of taper bearing cups from clutch housings in M32, MT 20-6 and MT 32-6 manual gearboxes Specifically designed to spread the load equally without danger of cracking the gearbox casing Applications: Widely used in GM, Saab and Fiat Group

  • 08550500 - Fifth Gear Puller Ford

    08550500 - Fifth Gear Puller Ford

    5th Gear Puller - Ford Fast and simple method of removing the fifth gear on Ford front wheel drive transmissions before carrying out internal repairs The split collar and retaining sleeve ensures a safe and positive locationApplications: B5 Gearboxes: Manual 5 speed fifth gear puller (pre -1995) IB5 from 1995 “ present: Fiesta to date / Ka 1 1996 “ 2008 / Focus 1 MTX-75: Focus 1, 2 & 3 from Zetec onwards to date (inc C Max 1) / Mondeo / Jaguar X Type VXT-75: Galaxy 1 1995 “ 2006 / Transit FWD & Transit Connect to date

  • 38360000 - Universal Engine & Gearbox Support

    38360000 - Universal Engine & Gearbox Support

    Universal Engine & Gearbox Support Designed to support the engine or gearbox when the engine mountings have been removed - e.g. When replacing timing / drive belts, water pumps etc Removes the need for using cranes, transmission jacks etc Universal tool designed for all makes of vehicle - No need for costly model specific brackets The unit is suspended from the chassis via the support hooks, the engine / gearbox is supported by the support pad and is counter-balanced against the underside of the vehicle by the support arms Fully adjustable in all dimensions:- Extension: Min 630mm / Max 960mm- Support Plate Adjustment: 190mmSpare Parts: 38360000-01 - Support Pad & Adjustable Bar

  • GO900 - Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC) Installer Master Kit

    GO900 - Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC) Installer Master Kit

    14 piece special centering tool set for vehicles without pilot bearings in the crankshaftEnsures proper installation of the self-adjusting clutch whilst avoiding erratic adjustment of the adjusting ring in the clutchs mechanisms to provide smooth clutch operation.3-arm truss for flywheels with six mounting screws and 4-arm truss for flywheels with eight mounting screws.

  • GO901 - Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC) Installer Kit

    GO901 - Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC) Installer Kit

    Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC) Installer Kit For dis-mounting and mounting SAC Clutch Assemblies to the flywheel Approved Clutch Manufacturers method for SAC clutches Applications include: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, VW and more Wide applications coverage for 120° (3 screw) SAC clutch assemblies Allows Pressure Plate to be pre-tensioned before removal and re-fitting of clutch Avoids clutch plate distortion and accidental damage due to incorrect fitting and subsequent vibration and shortening of clutch life

  • GO903 - DSG Clutch Removal Kit VW Group

    GO903 - DSG Clutch Removal Kit VW Group

    The tool set for the disassembly and assembly of the DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) is designed to remove the clutch casing, including the discs, of 6-speed (code 08D) and 7-speed (code 0AM) VAG gearboxes, dual clutches (K1 and K2) and multiple shafts used in cars of the VAG Group from 2004 to 2012. Includes pliers to remove/install the main shaft safety ring. AUDI applicationModels: A3 SEAT applicationModels: Altea, Altea XL, Ibiza, Leon, ToldeoSKODA applicationModels: Fabia, Octavia, Roomster, Superb, YetiVW applicationModels: Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Passat, Polo, Scirocco, Touran

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