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  • FCF - Cooling System Flush

    FCF - Cooling System Flush

    Fortron Cooling System Flush is a specially formulated flush and cleaning agent to deliver the optimum cooling system cleaning to provide enhanced efficiency for all types of engine radiators. Deposits of sludge, scale and grease in the heating / cooling system slows down the rate of heat transfer and therefore the efficiency of the cooling system. Fortron Cooling System Flush ensures optimum engine cooling and enhances reliability of total system. Fortron Cooling System Flush will remove rust, sludge and scale deposits and restore system to its original performance characteristics. Summary of Benefits Helps clean the entire cooling and heating system Helps ensure optimum engine cooling and reliability Is compatible with all types of material within the cooling system Non-acidic, solvent less and biodegradable Will not adversely affect radiator seals or radiator hoses Non-hazardous, non- flammable, non-toxic and non- corrosive Please note: this Product has an MOQ/Pack size of 30 See downloads for safety data sheet.



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