Circuit & Electrical Testing

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  • 01490000 - Professional Circuit Tester

    01490000 - Professional Circuit Tester

    6 / 12 / 24 volts Robust handle with hardened steel probe 1.5m heavy duty insulated rubber lead Uses standard automotive bulb to indicate continuity

  • 30042600 inteliprobe 6-24v tester

    30042600 inteliprobe 6-24v tester

    Inteliprobe Circuit & Continuity Tester Ideal for locating bad earths, breaks in continuity, and short circuits Intelligent Auto Probe for testing: - 6v - 24v circuits - Energize Components - Polarity test - Continuity test Short Circuit Protection

  • 30042400 cordless circuit tester

    30042400 cordless circuit tester

    Professional Cordless Circuit Tester Suitable for testing DC circuits from 3v to 28v No ground wire or clips required Unique V-groove needle accessory for wire piercing Three-way voltage indication - Illuminates LED, buzzes and vibrates on contact with live wire Solid state lamp for longer lasting performance Safe to use on Engine Management systems - e.g. ECMs, Sensors, Transducers etc Supplied with long-life alkaline batteries

Circuit & Electrical Testing


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