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  • ECOMAX-DUAL - Dual Tank Injector Max Machine

    ECOMAX-DUAL - Dual Tank Injector Max Machine

    A six in 1 cleaning system that removes problematic deposits from combustion chambers, injectors, throttle body, inlet valves, EGR, manifolds and DPF. Effective cleaning for petrol and diesel engines, eliminating the need for injector removal. The Injector Max system cleans and restores original fuel flow, allowing maximum fuel efficiency. Features Dual Tank – Avoids cross contamination of fluids. Robust and reliable workshop quality machine Air operated and simple to use Universal fitting kit Suitable for petrol and diesel engines Fluids premixed and ready to use After Service Benefits Cleans DPF and Catalytic filters on vehicles Reduces exhaust emissions Restores fuel economy and engine performance Removes carbon deposits Cleans injectors

  • FBBM12V - Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

    FBBM12V - Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

    Fortron Brake Fluid Machine offers a fast, simple and profitable oil changing solution to garages.  Requiring just one technician for use, a full brake fluid service can be administered in as little as 15 minutes. Benefits One man operation Oil change in 15 minutes No fluid contamination Less waste  

  • FCE - Coolant Flush Machine

    FCE - Coolant Flush Machine

    Without disconnecting hoses, coolant is easily changed by inserting a conical adapter into reservoir tank.  The coolant exchange job can be done by deep vacuum within 5 minutes, instead of half hour taken in hose disconnecting and restoring job. Also, this vacuum exchange process can avoid air pockets to save air purge time after coolant exchange. The oil receiving pan is optional, for some vehicle that do not have straight-in reservoir tank design (can not utilize conical adapter to do coolant exchange through reservoir tank), thus coolant exchange by gravity can be effected. The machine is not only efficient and time saving equipment, but also helps keep your garage floor clean, avoid ground pollution caused by coolant dripping during hose disconnecting job caused by other coolant exchange methods.  Features • Dual-manual valve design, easy operation• Directly connect shop air,zero failure• Whole work process visible through fiber glass tanks• Support off/on-vehicle exchange• Full coverage adaptors (covering more than 90% vehicles on the market  Specification • New and used fluid capacity: 15L• Pressure gauge: -1-5 bar• Max. work pressure: 3 bar• Length of return/out hose: 3m• Coolant hoses: 25mm, 32mm,38mm, 42mm, 45mm, 60mm; 67mm  Functions • Used fluid extraction Vacuum• Add new fluid• Empty new/used fluid tank

  • FDATFM - Digital Automatic Transmission Flush Machine

    FDATFM - Digital Automatic Transmission Flush Machine

    Fortron New Generation Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine offers exceptional cleaning and fluid replacement in under 20 minutes on all modern transmissionsystems. The machine is capable of servicing Standard ATF, DCT / DSG and CVT Transmissions. Features 15-20 minutes per service 100% of ATF replaced during service operation Fully automatic, user friendly, safe and reliable operation Improves workshop efficiency Accommodates large capacity ATF exchanges including buses/trucks Accommodates any type of ATF oil on market Ability to pre heat the oil Allows oil exchanging

  • OZONE3SS - Ozone 3 Generator

    OZONE3SS - Ozone 3 Generator

    An anti bacterial process that cleans your vehicle’s interior, killing germs, odours and allergy inducing spores that build up on surfaces and circulate through the air conditioning system. Fortron’s Ozone 3 Generator uses an organic process to eliminate bacteria. Portable and easy to use, the Ozone technology is based on a natural filtration process that combines electricity and air to produce enriched oxygen. Features Produces no pollutants, cleaning product odours or waste Benefits An organic, environmentally safe process Can be used anywhere germs and contaminants need to be eliminated



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