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385800SP Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor Workstation – Customer Testimonial

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We paid Ian at Ken Price Garage a visit to find out about his experience with the 385800SP Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor Workstation and how it had impacted the garage following purchase.

Ian had purchased the piece of equipment 5+ years ago after first seeing it in a Sykes-Pickavant publication. He then had the chance to view the workstation in person when one of our Area Sales Managers paid him a visit, which sealed the deal.

Prior to making this investment, the garage had been operating with an older Sykes-Pickavant model, but it had become time for a replacement and Ian was looking for a safe solution for his staff which would also make it easier to do the job. Being familiar with the quality of the brand and availability of spares and accessories, he decided to purchase a Sykes-Pickavant model instead of competitor equivalents.

The Workstation has been used at least once every week since purchase, and in that time has not needed a service. Minimal maintenance has been required, Ian admitted that there had been a problem previously with the pedal, but that this had been easily resolved.

Ian was keen to recommend this product, stating that it continues to be one of the best purchases that he’s made to date. He noted that although Sykes-Pickavant may not always be the cheapest option, the quality of products and aftercare made the investment worthwhile.

We are always keen to gather positive feedback from end users, but we rely on constructive criticism to ensure that we are fulfilling our customer’s expectations. When asked whether there was anything we could be doing to improve the buying experience, Ian noted that he would prefer to be able to see more of the product range in person prior to purchase to get a better feel for the product, compared to just seeing it printed or on screen. Improving customer experience is a priority for Sykes-Pickavant, so we’ll be sure to take this into account going forward.


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