Darrans Demos - Ecomax-Dual

Darrans Demos - Ecomax-Dual

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Take a look at the 6 in 1 cleaning system that removes problematic deposits from  combustion chambers, injectors, throttle body, inlet valves, EGR, manifolds and DPF.

Ecomax-Dual – Dual Tank Injector Max Machine

A 6 in 1 cleaning system that removes problematic deposits from combustion chambers, injectors, throttle body, inlet valves, EGR, manifolds and DPF. Effective cleaning for petrol and diesel engines, eliminating the need for injector removal.


Following a recommendation from Mick Cawley Motor Engineers, Bush Tyres and MOTs, Boston requested a demonstration of this product to determine whether it is something that they wanted to purchase. Darran headed over to Bush Tyres and MOTs to demonstrate the product on a badly blocked DPF filter on a Renault Master. He took some initial readings which showed over 77grams of soot and high pressure. To begin with Darran pumped a bottle of restore fluid into the DPF filter through the pressure sensor pipe and added an ‘in-tank DPF kit treatment’ to the tank. After running it for 30 minutes, Darran revved the vehicle which produced a lot of smoke, with a slight drop in the pressure and soot levels. This led to Darran running a second lot of treatment through the vehicle to ensure the best results.

Following this, the soot and pressure levels shot up, which is unusual, so Darren revved to vehicle at around 2000rpm where a mass of smoke could be seen, with the soot levels levelling out at 73grams. Following the recommendation of Darren, the head tech James, drove the van holding it at around 2000rpm, within 30 seconds the van put itself into regeneration and after 5 miles the vehicle dropped to having 2grams and 8mbar of pressure.

Renault recommend that a DPF filter should be replaced if the soot levels are over 60 grams, by using this machine Darran was able to clean and save the DPF, lowering the costs of the repair. Bush Tyres and MOTs were very happy with the results leading them to purchase the product.

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