EcoMax Dual Tank Injector Max Machine with 5 Gas Exhaust Analyser

EcoMax Dual Tank Injector Max Machine with 5 Gas Exhaust Analyser

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Take a look at how the 5 Gas Exhaust Analyser can be used with the EcoMax Dual to show the before and after treatment results!

This week with Darrans Demos, he has been putting the 5 Gas Exhaust Analyser to the test with the EcoMax Dual! He took some readings before and after to show the effect of the Ecomax Dual Machine!

He started by taking some initial readings using the Gas Analyser. Results below:

Gas Analysers Showing the Initial Results

He started by finding the fuel connections, looping the tank supply back to the return with two Number 9 connectors and the fuel pressure gauge. In the photos below, the white clip shows the supply pipe connection, and the green clip shows the return connection.

Darran showing where the connectors attach Darran showing where the green clip adaptor attaches

This was followed by connecting two Number 2 rubber pipes. In the photo below, red was used to pump the fluid in, and the blue was used to return the fluid back to the machine. 

Showing where the red and blue adaptors attach

Once connected, Darran started the ignition, which showed a reading of 20psi. He matched the machine to the pump and let the fuel flow before starting the van. It ran for around 40 minutes before the level dropped. The engine was then switched off and the pressure let out of the machine. He then disconnected the pipes and reversed the install process putting the van back to normal.

To finish off, Darran took the van for a short drive to finish clearing the systems through before doing another emissions test with the gas analyser. The NOX and NO reading both dropped the 0 from around 70ppm, with majority of the other readings also dropping. Darran was able to provide a receipt to the customer with all the information on for future reference.

Gas analyser showing the final results An example of the printed receipt with the results from the gas analyser

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