Engine Hoist in use hold tesla model s battery

They don’t get much bigger than this!

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Our brand-new Battery Hoist fits to regular workshop cranes offering the safe and secure movement of a wide range of batteries. With its variety strap lengths and sized eye bolts (rubber coated for safety), simply choose the correct sizes for the battery in question. It can be used with our battery lifting table or any similar product providing the correct weight capacity.

The kit comes with a levelling device to ensure that the battery is level before it is moved. This is important as many batteries are not uniform, creating an uneven weight distribution. This will require levelling before moving the battery.

They don’t get much bigger than this!

The Tesla Model S battery arrived on a trailer due to its size. By using our Battery Hoist, the team at Cedar Electrics, Worthing, were able to lift and move the battery into their workshop safely.

As you can see from the photos below our Battery Lifting Hoist completed the job safely.

Battery Hoist Attached to Battery On Trailer
Battery Hoist in use with Tesla Model S Battery


At Cedar Electric, they can cover all your electric vehicle and hybrid needs from routine maintenance to a battery overhaul, this includes a Tesla Battery Repair Program. For more information contact Cedar Electric on: 01903924872 or info@cedarelectic.co.uk.

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