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Introducing our NEW LOADSTAR Toolboxes!

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Introducing our NEW LOADSTAR Toolboxes, designed by Mark Stones and made by Sykes-Pickavant!

Over the last two years, Mark has been designing bespoke toolbox solutions that provide the safe and secure storage of maintenance and repair tools for use on site. We have now entered into a partnership with Mark, who will lead the design of customer requirements while we provide the production capability, promoting and selling this product worldwide. 

The toolbox design is aligned to each specific model of machinery ensuring that storage space is maximised on each unit. The toolbox has been designed to keep your tools safe and secure on site, providing shorter down time when a machine requires maintenance. The toolbox also provides a larger, flat work surface and can act as a walkway between tracks when ground conditions are poor. This benefits the operator creating an overall better work experience.

Examples of items you can store: 

  • Maintenance/Repair Tools
  • Lifting Chains 
  • Spare Oils/Lubricants Coolant 
  • Multiple different types of attachments i.e. week basket spares, hydraulic hoses etc.
  • Work Wear/PPE
  • Cleaning Equipment 

Our LOADSTAR range is continuously expanding, so keep an eye out for new and exciting products. For more information on the LOADSTAR tool boxes, contact Mark at: mark.stones@sykes-pickavant.com


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